What, Son? Yes, Watson Made a Funny

This is a very large screenshot of a transcript of the NPR quiz show, “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me” with host Peter Sagal.  On this particular day, one of the guests was Texas musician Dale Watson, and below you’ll find his answer to the Sagal’s question, “How do you feel about the banjo?”, as well as the fact that I read transcripts from NPR in the middle of the night, apparently.  If you’re wondering whether of not this is funny, I think the word “laughter” there in the transcript should settle that debate.  If you’re interested, the entire transcript can be found here.  Hey, making that link was pretty fun, let’s do it again just for fun.



Dave’s Words and Their Meanings: A Dictionary

  1.  embankment /əmˈbaNGkmənt/ (n) – An act of placing money into a bank account: “Dave took his quarters to the teller, and asked to make an embankment.”
  2. meringue /məˈraNG/ (v) – To aggressively lecture an amphibious humanoid (mermaid) at length, with a critical bent, and overt harshness:  “Being dragged down to their mer-lair, Dave took the opportunity to meringue his captors on their ineffective government structure.”
  3. enhance /inˈhans/ (v) – To increase the attractiveness of the male face through plastic surgery, to increase handsomeness:  “After his treatment with Dr. Hertzner, Dave was certain he was enhanced enough to ask Suzie out for a date.”
  4. travail /trəˈvā(ə)l/ (n) – The painful and laborious effort associated with living in a travel trailer: “After years of travail, Dave saved up enough money to purchase a double-wide.”
  5. mansion /ˈman(t)SH(ə)n/ (v) – The societal rejection of a man in light of his behavior, through antipathy and/or caution; see also shun, mention (plural):  “Because of his insistence on the truth of his mermaid abduction story, and his harsh treatment at their hands, Dave was mansioned by the other members of the local mermaid enthusiasts club, who insisted that real merfolk are friends of humans, and would never have subjected him to harsh treatment such as, a seaweed and raw herring diet, 24hr mer-flute music, and ‘The Berznault,’ the walking of a bed of clam shells atop an underwater geothermal vent.”